Descendants of George Thompson, Sr.



Generation No. 1


        1.  George1 Thompson, Sr.  He married Rebecca Williams abt. 1688, daughter of Roger Williams and Joan Dudley.  She was born June 20, 1675.


Child of George Thompson and Rebecca Williams is:

+      2                 i.    George2 Thompson, Jr., born abt. 1705; died abt. 1764 in Madison County, Virginia.



Generation No. 2


        2.  George2 Thompson, Jr. (George1) was born abt. 1705, and died abt. 1764 in Madison County, Virginia.  He married Catherine Phillips., daughter of William Sr. and Suasannah Williams.  She was born Bet. 1700 - 1705.


More About George Thompson, Jr.:

Burial: Madison County, Virginia


Children of George Thompson and Catherine Phillips. are:

        3                 i.    Elizabeth3 Thompson, born Bet. 1725 - 1727.

        4                ii.    William Thompson, born April 01, 1728; died Bet. 1810 - 1815.  He married ? Walker.

+      5               iii.    John Thompson, born abt. 1730; died 1782 in Wilkes Co., GA.

        6               iv.    Anne Thompson, born August 29, 1731.  She married John Henderson.

        7                v.    Winnefred Thompson, born Bet. 1731 - 1732.

        8               vi.    George Thompson, born Bet. 1731 - 1732.

        9              vii.    David Thompson, born Bet. 1738 - 1741.  He married Elizabeth Brockman August 19, 1784 in Orange Co. Virginia.



Generation No. 3


        5.  John3 Thompson (George2, George1) was born abt. 1730, and died 1782 in Wilkes Co., GA.  He married Tabitha Whatley?.  She was born 1749 in Virginia ?, and died May 1828 in Chatham, AL.


More About John Thompson:

Burial: bef. 1783, Is buried near Kittle Creek in Wilkes Co., GA. Land ceded to Mr. Cargisle, but family graveyard is excepted.

Census: He died before 1st census of 1790

Military service: American Revolutionary Soldier, listed as Refugee living in Wilkes Co. GA.

Nationality: England


More About Tabitha Whatley?:

Burial: Washington Co. Alabama


Children of John Thompson and Tabitha Whatley? are:

+      10               i.    David4 Thompson, born 1769 in Virginia or North Carolina; died 1846 in Choctaw Co. , AL.

        11              ii.    Reuben Thompson, born 1771 in Virginia or North Carolina.

        12             iii.    Ann Thompson, born 1773.

        13             iv.    Luraline Thompson, born 1775.

        14              v.    Catherine Thompson, born 1777.  She married Capt. Paul Jones.

        15             vi.    Elizabeth Thompson, born 1778.



Generation No. 4


        10.  David4 Thompson (John3, George2, George1) was born 1769 in Virginia or North Carolina, and died 1846 in Choctaw Co. , AL.  He married Nancy Touchstone 1806 in Baldwin Co., Ga.  She was born in Georgia, and died in Choctaw Co. , AL.


Children of David Thompson and Nancy Touchstone are:

        16               i.    Joel Phillip5 Thompson, born 1807; died April 27, 1863.

        17              ii.    Wade H. Thompson, born 1811 in Alabama; died in Choctaw Co. , AL.  He married Sarah N. Doggett; born 1830 in Choctaw Co. , AL; died in Choctaw Co., AL.


More About Wade H. Thompson:

Burial: Hebron or Brightwater Church Graveyard Choctaw Co. AK.


More About Sarah N. Doggett:

Burial: Hebron or Brightwater Church Graveyard Choctaw Co. AL.


        18             iii.    Felix Grundy Thompson, born 1814.

        19             iv.    Tabitha Thompson, born 1824.

        20              v.    Mary Jane (Twin) Thompson, born 1826.

        21             vi.    Wren Thompson, born 1826.

        22            vii.    Alfred Thompson, born 1828.